Blog: Best Dispatching Practices

Are you trying to book more loads? Try ALTEK

Would you like to streamline your bidding process?

Once you've signed up, all you have to do is connect your email loadboard to the app and import your bid template.
Now that you've got the loadboard, you need to add your owner-operator trucks to the HR Portal. Owners can also send their information to you on their own using the sign-up link. Once approved, they'll appear on the loadboard and be matched to new orders in real-time as well as in a three-hundred-mile radius.
Each owner-operator will also get access to 2 mobile apps: Altek Drivers and Altek Owners, both of which can be used to send bids to dispatchers. From the dispatcher's view, these bids show who sent them and what the rate is. Clicking on the bid will open the order and allow you to quickly check if the truck can book this load, add your commission, and send it to the broker. Using this method you don't need to spend time on negotiating the rates at all. Either send the bid to the corresponding email immediately or make a call and let the broker know all the useful information about your capacity.

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