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🕒 Investigating USA Timezones

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🕒 Investigating USA Timezones
💡 Solving the energy crisis

🕒 Investigating USA Timezones

Dispatchers need to ensure that loads get delivered on time. This is especially true for time-sensitive loads. That's why it's important to know each state's time zone as well as certain city edge cases. To coordinate the delivery with the drivers, you may use the following table, which shows the state timezones:
Alabama (AL) - (CST) Central
Alaska (AK) - (AKST) Alaska
Hawaii (HI) - (HST) Hawaii-Aleutian
Arizona (AZ) - (MST) Mountain, Navajo Nation uses Daylight Saving (DST)
Arkansas (AR) - (CST) Central
California (CA) - (PST) Pacific
Colorado (CO) - (MST) Mountain
Connecticut (CT) - (EST) Eastern
Delaware (DE) - (EST) Eastern
Florida (FL) - (EST) Eastern, (CST) Central
Georgia (GA) - (EST) Eastern
Hawaii (HI) - (HST) Hawaii-Aleutian
Idaho (ID) - (MST) Mountain, (PST) Pacific
Illinois (IL) - (CST) Central
Indiana (IN) - (EST) Eastern,(CST) Central
Iowa (IA) - (CST) Central
Kansas (KS) - (CST) Central, (MST) Mountain
Kentucky (KY) - (EST) Eastern, (CST) Central
Louisiana (LA) - (CST) Central
Maine (ME) - (EST) Eastern
Maryland (MD) - (EST) Eastern
Massachusetts (MA) - (EST) Eastern
Michigan (MI) - (EST) Eastern, (CST) Central
Minnesota (MN) - (CST) Central
Mississippi (MS) - (CST) Central
Missouri (MO) - (CST) Central
Montana (MT) - (MST) Mountain
Nebraska (NE) - (CST) Central, (MST) Mountain
Nevada (NV) - (PST) Pacific, (MST) Mountain
New Hampshire (NH) - (EST) Eastern
New Jersey (NJ) - (EST) Eastern
New Mexico (NM) - (MST) Mountain
New York (NY) - (EST) Eastern
North Carolina (NC) - (EST) Eastern
North Dakota (ND) - (CST) Central, (MST) Mountain
Ohio (OH) - (EST) Eastern
Oklahoma (OK) - (CST) Central
Oregon (OR) - (PST) Pacific, (MST) Mountain
Pennsylvania (PA) - (EST) Eastern
Rhode Island (RI) - (EST) Eastern
South Carolina (SC) - (EST) Eastern
South Dakota (SD) - (CST) Central, (MST) Mountain
Tennessee (TN) - (EST) Eastern, (CST) Central
Texas (TX) - (CST) Central, (MST) Mountain
Utah (UT) - (MST) Mountain
Vermont (VT) - (EST) Eastern
Virginia (VA) - (EST) Eastern
Washington (WA) - (PST) Pacific
Washington, D.C (DC) - (EST) Eastern
West Virginia (WV) - (EST) Eastern
Wisconsin (WI) - (CST) Central
Wyoming (WY) - (MST) Mountain
Please note that some states observe Daylight Saving Time (DST), which may result in a shift in their time zones during DST periods.
We hope this list will be of help! Share it with your colleagues if you've found it helpful :)

💡 Solving the energy crisis

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