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The best load board for Vans and Box Trucks

In this article we are going to talk about the best load board for vans and box trucks called Sylectus.

What are the benefits of Sylectus?

Let's get to the bottom of it!

Advantages of Sylectus:

  • Sylectus only shows loads that matter to Van and Box truck owners.
  • Access to all orders via email - this means that the dispatcher doesn't have to call to make a bid.
  • Well-known brokerage companies - among the brokers who place orders on this platform are the following: Millhouse Logistics, S2 International, and Nolan Transportation.
  • The main advantage of Sylectus is that you can earn starting from $2000 per month on each of your trucks once you establish good relationships with brokers.

Sylectus disadvantages:

  • The platform is premium-based - the standard price is $500. But companies can negotiate a discount and pay $300-$350 depending on their fleet size.
  • The platform site itself is dated and may be hard to use without training
  • There is no single flow from viewing an order, finding the nearby trucks and sending a bid - everything is done in separate windows
  • There are 2 ways to bid:
Through the app - quick and easy, but there is no way to highlight your bid with an email, you can only add a short note.
Bids via email using a template - this requires you to copy the order number in the app, find it in your email, use the "reply" button in the email and enter all the information for the bid - all that takes extra time.

Thankfully, these cons have an easy fix, and that is to use ALTEK TMS. It integrates loadboards and allows you to send 5 times more bids compared to doing so manually. Bids are sent via gmail, allowing you to highlight your offer to brokers with your company’s bid template. Increased speed is achieved by instantly matching orders to trucks, showing you only relevant loads and skipping the ones you can't bid on.

ALTEK also has a mobile app that allows owner operators to automatically send their location and bid on all orders. You can use the time you save by skipping the rate negotiation to send additional bids or recruit new owner operators through ALTEK's HR portal, increasing your profits tenfold.

ALTEK provides a free demo accessl. To sign up for a free demo - leave a request on the website.
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