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How to make a bid on the Sylectus Load Board

How to make a bid on the Sylectus Load Board:

Find an order you can book.
To see the empty miles on your trucks, click Closest Units.
Next, click Search My Fleet and select the appropriate truck
Agree on the amount for the order.
Move on to sending the bid when you're ready.
Change the field on the screen to "yes" and save your changes.
Paste the order number into the email search.
Reply to the email by clicking REPLY: Enter all the information you need for the broker, such as your rate, MC, and the dimensions of the truck. You can also copy empty miles from Sylectus, but remember that each truck in the system will affect the pricing.

But there is a way to reduce this whole process to mere seconds and bid quickly by automating the whole process. For this purpose, we recommend using ALTEK.

Your drivers will be able to send you the bids directly to you, and all you have to do is check if the load will fit, add your commission, and send the bid to the broker.

You will also be able to see real-time truck availability for every order that appears in the system and use smart filters to see only the most relevant loads.

Want to learn more? Go to the ALTEK website and schedule a call with us using the form.
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