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How to get 10x profits from trucking as a carrier or dispatcher

In the last article, we talked briefly about the features of ALTEK transport management software. In this one, we'll go deeper into processes, tasks, company growth, and changes in client results – real-life examples. Keep reading to find out how you can increase profits 10x.

Let's start by exploring the history of ALTEK's software. What goals and tasks did our team have when creating the app?

ALTEK was developed for a client in the logistics business. They had already developed an app, but it didn't meet market requirements. So, using that app as an example of what works and what doesn’t, we built new and improved software for dispatch companies and their drivers to boost earnings from cargo transportation.

What does ALTEK offer to dispatchers and carriers?

Currently, ALTEK speeds up manual bidding and increases cargo booking by instantly showing fleet capacity for each order. The process has become truly transparent thanks to real-time calculations of empty miles. ALTEK ensures brokers swiftly receive all offers from carriers, crucial in the 15-minute time window of Sylectus offers. The app enables dispatchers to submit a bid in about 30 seconds or even faster if the driver places their bid through the ALTEK Drivers app. You can practically turn a driver into a dispatcher, increasing your revenue at the same time.

Here's how the loadboard with available orders looks like. We continually get to-book loads, and our vehicles are automatically matched to each one in a 300 mi radius. In the "match" column in parentheses, you can see how many empty miles there are to the nearest vehicle.
Click on the load to see all info about it. In this window, pick a driver, place a bid for the broker and driver. That way, we prepare the bid. After sending, the broker sees it in their email inbox. The bid template is also editable in settings and uses HTML.
You can also use the filter to sort loads by a specific dispatcher's trucks.
You can also remove loads from the list that our trucks don't match. Use the filter in the "match" column. This way, from the whole stream of loads – more than 100 in 15 minutes – we hide the ones not interesting to us.
When using the filter, you can see broker ratings. The rating shows the chance of getting a load and how much you'll earn. When you check a load, you see what your company thinks of that broker. In simple terms, the rating covers all criteria. You can also leave a comment about the broker, visible to all dispatchers in your company.

Besides bid rates, we offer tracking and document uploading services for drivers. Why is it useful? Drivers can open the app, letting you know where they are and where they're headed.

On My Loads page, you can see all information about your current loads: load status and remaining travel time when going at 50 mph. Since many broker contracts mention fines to carriers for non-visible loads, our app lets you enable automatic location updates, sending the broker the zipcode and miles left on the driver's location and delivery status.

A broker agreement and signed delivery confirmation are also attached to the order card. These are ALTEK's features that significantly boost profits.

Results our clients get with ALTEK

Before going public in 2022, we connected a company to ALTEK. They started with a fleet of 50 trucks and $30,000 gross. Now, with 250 trucks, their gross has increased to $300,000 in just 1 year. Before ALTEK, hiring more owner-operators seemed impossible. The app has freed up dispatcher time, allowing them to recruit owner-operators easily.

How does onboarding look?

To start, we show how the app works, answer any questions, and provide training materials. We also offer dispatcher training and owner-operator hiring services.

How often is the app updated?

We aim for updates every few months in order to adapt to market changes.

ALTEK allows real-time vehicle matching, saving time and enabling dispatchers to place bids five times more on average.

ALTEK TMS is open to all dispatchers and carriers. For those interested, we provide a free app demo. Just leave a request on our website and start learning!
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