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👀 Does TSA clearance come with TWIC?

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👀 Does TSA clearance come with TWIC?
🤔 How did the driver prove Detention?

👀 Does TSA clearance come with TWIC?

Short answer: Yes!
The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) provides streamlined access to screening for drivers who have Transportation Worker Identification Credentials (TWIC) and are interested in obtaining a hazardous materials endorsement. Here are some important points to note:
• TSA is required when delivering to an airport.
• When the cargo gets picked up from an airport, TSA clearance is not required because the cargo has already been screened.
• The driver must park the truck at the loading dock before entering for registration.
• The combination of TWIC and TSA is aimed at reducing costs and simplifying operations for carriers. By eliminating redundant screenings and extending the validity period, drivers with TWIC cards can transport cargo without the hassle of TSA checks.
• Undergoing the TWIC screening to gain access to special cargo deliveries is a good idea for drivers. You can offer them to get a consultation by calling the phone from the official website -

🤔 How did the driver prove Detention?

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